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1. Square, rectangle plot or home are best.
2. Purchase the land facing proper directions i.e North, South, East and West.
3. Boundary wall should be around the building and also keep vacant space around the building in all the four sides.
4. Keep vacant space as much as you can in North and East directions.
5. Better place for dug Well, under ground water tanks or boring etc are north, north north-east, east north-east.
6. Don’t make any pillar, beam, stairs or kitchen and toilets also in the center of building (Brahm Sathal).
7. There shouldn’t be any pit or uneven space at the Center place (Brahm Sathal)
8. The best option for heavy construction should be in the South, south-west and West direction.
9. Mirror is very important inhome, North and East direction are best and avoid in South, South-West and West.
10. For better health and to have sound sleep head should face South direction.
11. Kitchen are best South and South-East and always keep your face in East direction while cooking.
12. Worship, Pooja room,meditation place be in North-East direction. Meditation results are excellent in this direction.
13. There shouldn’t be any obstruction in front ofmain gate of building.
14. Kitchen or toilets neither facing nor adjoining each other.
15. Don’t keep Broken mirrors, out of order watches/clocks and wastage material in home because these things always gives negative vibrations.
16. Symbols like Swastik ( )or Om( ) and kalash ( )are auspicious for home
17. Avoid toilets in South-West, North-East, North-North-East. Toilets seat are adjusted in such a way that during excretion your face should be in North or south facing.
18. Pits and slope in South direction causes health problems for members offamily, similarly slope in south direction of building causes financial problems for members offamily.
19. Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) plants are considered good at resident.
20. On Sunday while mobbing your home add some sea-salt in it this will remove the negative energy.
Vastu Shastra is an antique science which is mainly used for architecture and construction purpose. Vastu Shastra is a traditional approach which is helpful for us. In this Shastra there are some concepts and geographical notations according these concepts Vastu experts provide you design and direction of your building or house so that you get more health and wealth.

Vastu Resolutions:

Here are some of  the resolutions which can be easily followed without making any major changes in the existing building:

  • A puja room in the house is must in every house

  • Light a lamp daily evening near water pot in the house

  • Cactus should not be planted or kept in the house

  • The statue of Hanumanji should not be placed in South-East. It may create fire hazard

  • All the doors should open inside so that the energy may remain inside

  • The hinges of doors should be noiseless. If so. The hinges may be greased periodically

  • The doors should open towards right hand

  • Bed should not be put under a beam

  • There should not be five corners in the ceiling of a room

  • Efforts should be made a leave the rooms open on North-East side

  • While ascending the staircase, the face should be either towards the North or the East

  • The seat of the toilet should face North-South

  • Almirahs and beds should be set very close to the South-West wall and at a distance from the North-East wall

  • While drinking water keep your face towards North-East

  • While Taking meals the plate should be in South-East

  • In the South-West Corner of the house one should sleep pointing his head towards South

  • Pictures or photos depicting violence in any form should not be placed in the residence or place of business

  • Keep the northeast of any room or building as clean, open & clutter-free as possible